You are sitting on a mountain, everything you ever need, want or are is right before you. There is nowhere to go, nothing to get, nothing to fear. You are it right now. Beauty, freedom, genius. I help you to see this, to experience this true potential, freedom, and joy right now. It’s not a destination I take you to. It’s a journey I take you on. A reminder of who you are and what’s possible.


You are imaginative. Guided by your core values and your belief in possibilities, you see potential for a better future. You pursue truth and meaning.

Being sensitive, non-judgmental, and compassionate, you believe, like me, that each person must find their own path.


You are reflective, interested in having meaningful conversations. Typically curious and open-minded, you continually seek a deeper understanding of life.

Like me, you are more excited by a non-linear path than by linear facts. You typically accept others without question, and you take an interest in different perspectives and alternative lifestyles.


You enjoy spending time exploring your own ideas and values, and you gently encourage others to do the same.

You value authenticity and want to be original and individual in what you do. Like me, you search for meaning and the truth within you.


Following tradition holds little appeal for you. Like me, you prefer to do your own exploration and decide for yourself what seems right.

A firm believer that there is not just one way to do things, you would rather be true to yourself than forcing yourself to fit in. You thrive in a supportive environment where there is an exchange of ideas.

Does this sound like you? Are you looking for answers to any or all of the above questions?

Maria Baeck (Bäck)


  • Corporate Experience 30+ Years
  • Personal Development 20+ Years
  • Spiritual Development 17+ Years

Knowing what I was missing when I started out many years ago, I make sure I provide a space where thoughts, ideas, and perspectives can be stretched, discussed, and explored.

A space for conversation and exploration that offers a path to courage, confidence, clarity, choice, and connection, as well as a grounded spiritual perspective for taking things to a new level.

Since 2005, I’ve developed non-linear techniques and practices that have transformed my life and deeply impacted the people that I work with.

One of my gifts or talents, if you will, is that I can easily connect with what is present around and within you that you may not have words for yet. These can be thoughts, perspectives, feelings, and ideas that you are not yet aware of.

I do this by listening with my whole being. The process is deep, reflective, and energetically immersive. For lack of a better term, I call it deep, active listening.

In my corporate roles, working with companies in the high-tech electronics industry such as Integrated Systems Scandinavia (ISS Group), ASSET InterTech, Toshiba Electronics, and Arrow Electronics, I’ve accumulated more than three decades worth of knowledge and experience from areas such as sales and marketing, finance and accounting, business administration, and leadership spanning continents and cultures.

Having been engaged in a very ‘left brain’ and ‘linear’ environment throughout my corporate life, I’ve learned to appreciate that what I see around me – the external factors – don’t determine my experience nearly as much as the internal ones do. Meaning, attitude, and inner awareness are what hold the keys to true leadership and to my personal sense of fulfilment, empowerment, and freedom.​

As is the case for everyone, there’s more to my story. If you want to read more about my story you can do so here.

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Fika for Your Soul is about connecting with inspiration from everyday situations and conversations. It’s about discovery, reflection, leaning into, and stretching beyond…how we may see, understand, and express freedom, soul, inner wisdom, and leadership, all in the context of our daily lives.

‘Fika’ (pronounced ‘feeka’) is Swedish and means taking a [coffee/tea] break.